Annual Assembly

WUSC holds its Annual Assembly during the International Forum each year. WUSC members - Local Committee, institutional and alumni representatives - from across the country attend this important business meeting. 

Stay tuned for information on the 68th Annual Assembly, which will be held during the 2015 International Forum in Montreal, January 24th.


Local Committees: Each active Local Committee (LC) can send one voting delegate and as many observers as they wish. An active Local Committee member:

  • is comprised of a minimum of five people – students, faculty and/or staff – with a post-secondary institution;
  • supports WUSC’s objectives;
  • holds at least one activity proposed by WUSC in Canada each year.


Institutional Members: Canadian member universities and colleges can send one voting delegate and as many observers as they wish. Institutional Members are recognized Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) or Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) universities, colleges or other post-secondary institutions. They:

  • support the objectives of WUSC; and,
  • pay an annual membership fee.


General Member:  A general member is anyone who declares that she or he will adhere to the mission and values of the organization. General Members:

  • may have been associated with WUSC as a volunteer, cooperant or associate, seminar participant, member of a Local Committee, scholarship beneficiary, refugee student, staff member, donor, board member, consultant, or in some other meaningful way,
  • pay an annual membership fee, set at $50 for 2014-2015.