Annual Assembly

WUSC holds its Annual Assembly during the International Forum each year. WUSC members from across the country attend this important business meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings though only members in good standing have the right to vote (please see membership categories below). 

Members wishing to vote should indicate they are a voting delegate when registering online for the International Forum. Voting members not attending the Forum should complete a voting delegate form and return it to Carol Dolbel by email (, mail (1404 Scott Street, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4M8) or by fax (613-798-0990) before January 4, 2016.  


The 69th Annual Assembly will be held in Ottawa on Saturday, January 23, 2016. The Annual Assembly is conducted in both official languages.

Board of Directors

WUSC is governed by a volunteer board of directors which typically meets three times per year. The board of directors provides overall strategic direction to WUSC’s management, through its executive director. Board directors are elected for three-year terms at WUSC’s Annual Assembly.

Vacancies on the Board

There will be elections for the following board positions at the next Annual Assembly:

  • Treasurer
  • Up to 3 Members-at-large
  • Five Regional Members:
    • Alberta / British columbia / Yukon / Northwest Territories
    • Manitoba / Saskatchewan / Nunavut
    • Ontario
    • Québec
    • Atlantic

For the Member-at-large positions, candidates with the following experience and skills are particularly encouraged to run:

  • Senior unversity and college experience
  • Senior private sector experience
  • Foundation, institutional donor or Corporate Social Responsibility experience
  • Marketing and fundraising as profession


Further details may be found in the call for nominations and nominations form.


Local Committees: Each active Local Committee (LC) can send one voting delegate and as many observers as they wish. An active Local Committee member:

  • is comprised of a minimum of five people – students, faculty and/or staff – with a post-secondary institution;
  • supports WUSC’s objectives;
  • holds at least one activity proposed by WUSC in Canada each year.

Institutional Members: Canadian member universities and colleges can send one voting delegate and as many observers as they wish. Institutional Members are recognized Universities Canada or Colleges and Institutes Canada universities, colleges or other post-secondary institutions. They:

  • support the objectives of WUSC; and,
  • pay an annual membership fee.

General Member:  A general member is anyone who declares that she or he will adhere to the mission and values of the organization. General Members:

  • may have been associated with WUSC as a volunteer, cooperant or associate, seminar participant, member of a Local Committee, scholarship beneficiary, refugee student, staff member, donor, board member, consultant, or in some other meaningful way,
  • pay an annual membership fee, set at $50 for 2015-2016.


Travel Subsidies

Travel subsidies are available for Local Committee and General Member voting delegates who must travel more than 600 km to participate in and vote during the WUSC Annual Assembly. All voting delegates are responsible for arranging their own transportation to the Annual Assembly. Subsidies have been set at a specific amount per province (see the chart below).

Those who are awarded a travel subsidy will be notified and a cheque for the amount set for their province will be mailed out two weeks after the event. Cheques for Local Committee voting delegates will be made payable to the Local Committee – please make sure to submit the correct banking information. The Local Committee is responsible for managing the funds for its representative(s).

Please send the completed form and documentation to Carol Dolbel by email (, mail (1404, rue Scott, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4M8) or by fax (613) 798-0990. Local Committees should download the form on My Committee. The deadline to request a subsidy is November 30, 2015. Funds are limited and are granted on a first come, first serve basis. We suggest you register for Forum and apply for a subsidy early to avoid disappointment.


ProvinceTravel Subsidy Amount
British Columbia$600
Ontario (>600 km)$325
Québec (>600 km)$325
New Brunswick$425
Nova Scotia$425
Prince Edward Island$425