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Education for All - Emerging Trends and Promising Innovations at CIES 2015
Access to quality education remains a barrier for many youth around the world today. Despite progress, the numbers remain staggering - in 2011, 57 million children were not enrolled in primary school...
Mar 20, 2015
Who Gets to Dream?
What the Boys and Men of Dadaab Can Do to Bring Greater Equality for Girls and Women By Mohammed Abdull Adam Mohammed Abdull Adam grew up in refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya. Now a third-year...
Mar 8, 2015
Spotlight on International Women’s Day: Young Women Breaking the Cycles of Poverty in Sri Lanka
When families stand behind their daughters, young women can become unstoppable forces for change. Jayarani, a driven individual living with her family in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, shows us...
Mar 7, 2015
Spotlight on International Women's Day: Empowering Afghan Women and Girls through Education
By Noorin Nazari, TCAP Gender Specialist "Acquire knowledge from cradle to grave!" is a famous proverb in Afghanistan and a defense tool for Afghan women by which they express their right to...
Mar 6, 2015
Spotlight on International Women's Day: One Girl's Determination for an Education
Athok Abuoi defies the odds in Kakuma Refugee Camp to become ‘Best Girl’ in Turkana County. In 2008, at just ten years of age, Athok Abuoi Chol fled her home in the Upper Nile State in South Sudan to...
Mar 5, 2015