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Help Syrian refugees find hope through education
Donate today to help young refugees build a brighter future in Canada. ►  Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed the unfolding of the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen in decades. In...
Sep 4, 2015
January is SRP awareness month: Let’s take action!
Since 1978, our Student Refugee Program has been changing lives by providing refugee students with an opportunity to resettle in Canada and pursue post-secondary education. Thanks to the hard work of...
Jan 10, 2016
Reflecting on our work in Vietnam with the Minister of International Development
Our staff and volunteers recently had the privilege of welcoming the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau to our offices in Hanoi, Vietnam. Minister Bibeau was in Vietnam - on her first of many...
Dec 16, 2015
The power of volunteers in the global community
(This letter was originally published on Embassy News' website)
Dec 5, 2015
Fanm Deside: an organization that fights to improve the status of women in Haiti
Fanm Deside accompanies and supports women in need. It is an advocate for their rights with different governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations. It is active in public education...
Nov 25, 2015
Why we need collaborative action for youth and women.
The urgency to come together to build a more equitable and sustainable future has never been greater. In some areas we are making notable progress. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) exceeded...
Nov 15, 2015